HI this is so funny I don’t think any of you remember me but just thought I’d check back up on tumblr after a year and my first thought was literally how did I waste three years of my life on this site but after looking through my blog a lil bit I’ve realized that it’s actually so amazing that I have this very weird time capsule of my high school life and when I wrote all the stuff I did and spent hours and hours reblogging or whatever I didn’t know all the wonderful things that were to come and all the amazing people I would meet in the future and I’m sure when I look back on my life now in 3 years or whatever so many more amazing wonderful things will have happened that I can’t even fathom and that is the most weirdly comforting thought right now when my life is in a weird little lull like yeah things are constantly changing whether I like it or not and obviously there are so many ups and downs but sticking with it means witnessing and experiencing so many crazy things that never could be predicted. so yeah that is a nice little thought I thought I’d share with the random strangers who still follow my blog after all this time, hope you guys are all well xoxoxoxo¬†